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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we have Valet Living Doorstep Trash Removal Services that pick up 5 days a week, M-F at the residents' doors.

Qualification Requirements

Everyone over the age of 18 who will be residing in the apartment

Applicant’s monthly income must be 3 times the amount of one month’s rent. Applicants who hold jobs that are: commission paid only; base salary plus commission, tips or bonuses; are considered self-employed. Those Applicants must provide the previous year’s personal income tax return or the previous two months personal bank statements as evidence of sufficient income.

Applicants owing another apartment community an outstanding obligation without verifiable justification will be required to pay that debt or provide proof of payment before application will be considered. If Applicant owned a home as previous residency, Applicant must furnish mortgage company references and proof of title ownership or transfer of ownership.

A guarantor may be required for applicants meeting all requirements except income. A guarantor must meet all requirements without exception and provide proof of 5 times the monthly income.

Applicant will be denied for felony conviction(s) seven (7) years or misdemeanor conviction(s) five (5) years from completion of sentence, even if serving deferred adjudication, for any crime involving theft, drug, or destruction of property. Applicant will be denied if any felony or misdemeanor conviction, even if serving deferred adjudication for any crime involving violence, firearms, injury to persons or that is sexual in nature.

Providing any false, misleading, or incorrect information on the rental application will be sufficient grounds for rejecting the application. Discovery of falsification of application after move-in will be sufficient grounds for immediate termination of the Lease Contract. All information provided by the prospective resident may be reviewed with appropriate state and local government authorities and or consumer credit reporting agencies as permitted by law.

Applicant’s monthly income must be 3 times the amount of one month’s rent.

Guarantor’s monthly income must be 5 times the amount of one month’s rent.

The Tannery is a market rate company.


Stop & Shop (less than 1/4 mile)

The Beamhouse, Bricco Trattoria, Plan B, First & Last Tavern, Rooftop 120

Train – Union Station in Hartford. Bus Stop for public transport, directly across the street.

Riverfront Park is the closest large park with playgrounds, restrooms, soccer fields, etc. The Dog Park is located there as well.

Fox Run Mall. Major Shopping would be in West Hartford or Manchester.

Raonjena Coffee, SoG Coffee, Daybreak Coffee Roasters, Berkins Blend Cafe


Rent prices are base rent only. All utilities are in addition to the rental amount.

Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG) is our Gas Provider for the apartments. This is used for the gas ranges as well as heating the apartments.

Parking & Storage

Carport spaces are the only reserved spaces on surface parking. Currently renting for $85/month

Garages are both attached to the building and detached. Garages attached to the buildings are temperature controlled and rent for $210/month (as of 01/01/23). Detached garages are renting for $200/month (as of 01/01/23)

Guests have access to open surface parking

No washing station is available.

Yes, we have storage cages 4’x4’x8’ in Building 5, however, residents from across the property can rent one in that building. They are $60/Month.

Deposit & Fees

  • Holding Deposit: $500 – submitted at the time of application, along with the Application Fees
  • Security Deposit: Starts at $500 depending on credit screening

  • Amenity Fee: $50/Month/Unit (as of 01/01/23)
  • Application Fee: $75/PP

On or before the lease start date

$50/Fob to replace during residency $100 at move-out/fob if not returned

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